Aftermarket Fuel Tanks

You've spent a lot of money for your vehicle. Why jeopardize its performance and your peace of mind by adding an auxiliary or larger replacement fuel tank made by a company that no one has ever heard of? For more than 30 years, Texas Sunshades has been providing the truck owners with safe, reliable, and more important, legal tank systems. Whether you purchase an auxiliary or larger relacement replacement fuel tank system, you will always get a complete fuel tank system with all the parts and components needed for installation, or for a few dollars more we will install it for you.

At Texas Sunshades, we offer only the best, worry-free fuel tank systems. We also offer fuel tank installations right here at our facility. Whether your needs are recreational, commercial, for one vehicle or an entire fleet, we have the legal fuel tank system to meet your needs!

Pics Of Types Of Fuel Tanks

fuel tanks image
fuel tanks

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